Dr. Michael J. Suit 

for Quality Equine Care

Working with a trustworthy equine veterinarian is key to protecting the health of your equine friends. If you live in the Loveland area, you can entrust your horse to Dr. Michael J. Suit for equine veterinary care. Over the years, we’ve established strong bonds with farmers and ranchers in the Loveland area by being there to care for their animals when they needed us most. We look forward to being there for you as well.

Dr. Michael J. Suit for Quality Equine Care

Meet Your Loveland Equine Veterinarian

Dr. Michael Suit is a highly-qualified equine veterinarian with years of experience in his field. He and our team operate a full-service equine ambulatory practice that specializes in equine lameness and equine dental care. We treat horses of all disciplines, including work horses, horses kept as pets, and those raised for performance.

If your horse is in need of trustworthy veterinary care, we’re here to help. We’re fully committed to providing our equine patients with quality, conscientious care to keep them in the best of health. In the event of emergencies, Dr. Suit offers 24 hour urgent care services to horse owners in Loveland, Berthoud, Fort Collins, Estes Park, and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish strong relationships with our clients built on friendship and trust. We’re also committed to providing professional, conscientious veterinary services that will help our equine patients live healthy, happy lives.

Equine Services We Provide

Our mobile ambulatory practice makes it possible to meet the equine veterinary needs of horse owners in our community. We travel regularly to farms and ranches in Loveland and Front Range communities to provide timely care. This saves you the time and trouble of bringing your horse to a haul-in facility for veterinary care.

Our ambulatory truck is fully stocked with the diagnostic and medical equipment required for routine treatments and emergency care. This includes the latest technology in digital x-rays for diagnosing your animal’s condition and motorized and hand powered tools for providing equine dental care.

We offer preventative dental care and dental treatments to help keep your horse’s teeth in good health. Dental issues can hinder your horse from chewing and digesting his food, which could impact his overall health. By monitoring your horse’s oral health, we can detect and treat problems early on before they have a chance to spread.

As preventative care is key to keeping your horse in optimal health, we offer medical evaluations twice a year to identify and treat issues that can impair your horse’s health. We also provide customized equine vaccinations and deworming programs for your equine friend. 


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